This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

React & Share – Customizable Reaction Buttons


This plugin enables WordPress users to integrate React & Share tools on their site easily.
Get feedback with customizable reaction buttons that allow your readers to give feedback with one anonymous click — trusted by communications teams in companies and government sector.


  • Reaction buttons
  • React & Share dashboard
  • React & Share Weekly/Monthly report


  1. Contact us and get started with your subscription.
  2. Install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly (Plugins -> Add new -> Search for “React & Share”) or upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/react-and-share directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  4. Get the API key from us after subscribing the service.
  5. Paste API key into your Settings page
  6. ALL SET!

When React & Share is activated, Reaction Buttons are shown on each post by default.

In the settings you have two choices:

  1. Show buttons by default
  2. Don’t show buttons by default

In each case you can override the global setting in the edit post view.

**Short code and page template installation **

  • If you want to place the buttons manually to your post: use the short code [rns_reactions] in the edit post/page mode.
  • If you want to add React & Share to your page templates, use this code inside a php tag: if (function_exists('rns_reactions')) { rns_reactions(); }.


Why should I use React & Share reaction buttons?

Site owners tell us that while their traffic numbers look good, people comment and share their posts less than before. One-click reactions – similar to Facebook or Linkedin – are a great way to activate your readers and get valuable feedback on your articles.
People react up to 30 times more than they comment!

Does it work with my theme?

It should – and let us know if it doesn’t 🙂

Which browsers are supported?

All recent browsers are supported.


awgust 7, 2018
No solo proporciona caras graciosas y muchos parámetros personalizables, sino que además te da analítica útil y botones de compartir. Sería muy bueno tener la opción para poner el twitter handle. Saludos
iýul 24, 2018 1 reply
I used them for another wordpress website I manage. I recently got an email from a security company I work with saying that they implement a code that re-sell your data. I contact them but did not get an answer.
iýun 6, 2018 1 reply
there is not a dashboard, the most interesting features are expensive and the UX is poor. Why do I have to install this widget if I do not have a dashboard with data analysis? Just to add some funny smiley faces? There are many alternatives buttons that in addition to the widget give more customization and more insights
mart 12, 2018
I spent the weekend looking for the perfect reaction plugin for my site. I thought this might have been it, but there are two many problems. (1) You can’t customize the icons without emailing them to the developer. (2) Users can select more than one reaction button at the same time. So basically, the user can select Like and Hated on the same post. Silly. (3) If the viewer clicks a button indicating that he hated your page, the plugin still prompts the viewer to share their feedback on social media. Why in the world would you want a viewer who hated your page to say anything about it on social? (4) The customization options are very slim. You have to work directly with the developer to do them. (5) The plugin counts Administrator and Editor activity as page views. For example, during one edit session, we racked up 175 page views even though we were signed in. That’s going to skew the results. (6) The dashboard kind of sucks. You can’t remove stale pages/posts, for example. The worst part is that a paid subscription is about $85 US per month. That is insane. Emojics offers many times more functionality and flexibility for a 10th of that price. This is an alpha product. The developer should be giving away the paid subscriptions until it’s a full developed product. It’s no where near ready for prime time.
maý 4, 2017 1 reply
This is such a cute idea, but the icons don’t lay flat. The icons stack one above the next and center themselves at the bottom of the page – it looks weird. If they were in a row laying flat at the bottom it would be perfect. Plus the FaceBook share button isn’t visible until after an emoji is clicked. Keep working on it. I’ll check back.
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Contributors & Developers

“React & Share – Customizable Reaction Buttons” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Tested with WordPress 6.1.1


  • Tested with WordPress 5.5.1
  • Bug fixes


  • Tested with WordPress 5.4.2
  • Clarified installation flow


Tested with WordPress 5.2.2


Updated WordPress version compatibility. Better CDN for registered users.


New integration possibilities and bug fixes.


Improved usability.


We fixed some bugs and made using customized reaction buttons easier.


A Major Update! Many of you wanted to customize your own reaction buttons, and now it’s possible! Check out our customizer tool and let us know what you think! 🙂


  • WhatsApp Share bug fix
  • LinkedIn Share added
  • Setting for showing the buttons only on single posts


  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes


  • Added a the possibility to add a header title above the reactions. The layout of the header text (H3) comes from your theme by default.
  • Added the option to choose which social media shares are visible
  • Added Pinterest to share options
  • Layout fixes for various themes


  • Referrer tags for share buttons


  • Fixed bug with Whatsapp share


  • React & Share Insights dashboard released!


  • Fixed attribute escaping


  • Link to settings added


  • Settings added: choose on which posts/pages the reaction buttons are shown, edit texts, short code support added.


  • Changes in readme


  • Changes in readme


  • Fixed a bug regarding excerpts


  • Changes in readme


  • Changes in readme


  • Changes in readme


  • Changes in readme


  • First version including reaction buttons and social media shares for Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.