Banner Management For WooCommerce


Banner Management For WooCommerce plugin allows you to add or upload banner/carousel sliders on category or Woocommerce pages in your WooCommerce stores like the Product, Category, Shop, Cart , Checkout or  Thank you pages.

We can also set a common offer banner for all the products using our global settings.


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Plugin Functionality:

  • Easy to use
  • Add Banner for cateogry archive Page
  • Add Banner for product Page
  • Add Banner for Shop Page
  • Add Banner for Cart Page
  • Add Banner for Checkout Page
  • Add Banner for Thank you page
  • you can add Banner URL/LINK for a particular banner .
  • Fully tested with latest version of WooCommerce.
  • Enable and disable banner for particular page, category
  • you can Manage Page, Product and Category Specific Banner
  • Display sliders on any device like a standard desktop and mobile.
  • Add Product and Category sliders using shortcode


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🎉 ” Great support and patience! Highly recommended! “

🎉 ” Good Service. Good Plugin.

🎉 ” Great support thank you, Quick, effective support “

🎉 ” Customization and Awesome plugin and support, Thanks support you are awesome. “

🎉 ” I had an issue with the Category Banner being displayed after the sidebar in Astra theme. Both the DotStore and Astra gave me a workable solution. For the Astra users, you’ll need to enter this CSS into your Customizer (or your preferred CSS file): .wbm_banner_image { order: 1;}

🎉 ” So Many Options-Love It, Simple to install and use. I love the options to use different banners/headers for different pages in the store. Exactly what I was looking for!

🎉 ” Such a wonderful and helpful plugin for a store owner to advertise an upcoming sale or discount using an image on any page. Very Nice keep up Good Work 🙂 “

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👉 Difference Between Lite and Pro Version

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Need even more features? upgrade the premium plugin version to get all the advanced features.

  • Easy to use
  • Set carousel slider for category and page
  • Enable and disable banner for a specific page, category
  • Manage Page-specific banner and Slider
  • Manage Product-specific banner and Slider
  • Manage Category-specific banner and Slider
  • Add Shop-page banner or slider
  • Add Cart-page banner or slider
  • Add Checkout-page banner or slider
  • Add Thank-you-page banner or slider
  • Auto scheduling slider for page and category
  • Schedule banner with start and end of a banner
  • Random or Multiple Banner Slider
  • Add custom URL on banner images
  • Preview custom banner or slider
  • Enable and disable banner navigation
  • Show a specific category or page in the slider
  • Display carousel sliders on any device like Standard Desktop and mobile device

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    • Banner for sho page.
    • Banner for cart page.
    • Banner for checkout page.
    • Banner for thank you page.
    • Banner for category page.
    • Global product page settings.
    • Product page banner slider settings.
    • Product page banner settings.
    • Banner title and slider settings.
    • Offer text and button on banner settings
    • Show offer text and button on banner


    • Download the plugin
    • Upload the folder “banner-management-for-woocommerce” to wp-content/plugins (or upload a zip through the WordPress admin)
    • Activate and enjoy!


    In which WordPress version this Plugin is compatible?

    It is compatible from 4.0 to 5.6.x WordPress version.

    In which WooCommerce version this Plugin is compatible?

    It is compatible for 4.9.x and greater than WooCommerce plugin

    Is your plugin compatible with Astra theme?

    Yes, our plugin is compatible with Astra theme and you can add below CSS code which is provided by the Astra support team to show the banner in mobile at top place.
    Add this css on your themes style or any css: .wbm_banner_image { order: 1;}


    dekabr 8, 2023 1 reply
    Very happy with the banner management and my questions were answered very quickly. Highly recommend.
    awgust 16, 2023 3 replies
    WordPress Woocommerce Category Banner Management Plugin <= 2.4.2 is vulnerable to Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)Discovered by Mika
    maý 14, 2023
    Congratulations for the plugin. It work fine. I add banners to cart page and check out page very easily. Thank you so much.
    noýabr 3, 2022 1 reply
    Paid 29$ for a similar plugin and it couldn’t do what this free plugin does!
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    Contributors & Developers

    “Banner Management For WooCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




    • [Enhancement] Minor bugs fixes
    • [Enhancement] Compatible with WooCommerce 8.6.x
    • [Enhancement] Compatible with WordPress 6.4.x


    • [Enhancement] Quick fix related to the Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) vulnerability
    • [Enhancement] Compatible with WooCommerce 8.0.x
    • [Enhancement] Compatible with WordPress 6.3.x


    • [Bug Fix] – Minor fixes related to the plugin design conflict with page, post


    • [Fixed] Compatible with PHP 8
    • [Enhancement] Set category and product slider slide to scroll in different devices.
    • [Enhancement] Show/Hide category and product slider navigation [Hide on Mobile]
    • [Enhancement] Show/Hide category and product slider pagination [Hide on Mobile]
    • [Enhancement] Enable/Disable touch swipe on category and product slider
    • [Enhancement] Enable/Disable mousewheel control on category and product slider
    • [Enhancement] Enable/Disable mouse draggable on category and product slider
    • [Enhancement] Quick fix related to the Cross Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability
    • [Enhancement] Compatible with WooCommerce 7.9.x
    • [Enhancement] Compatible with WordPress 6.2.x


    • New Feature – Set slider mode like [Standard, Ticker] in the category and product slider settings
    • New Feature – Set thumbnail zoom like [Zoom In, Zoom Out] in category slider and product slider
    • Bug Fix – Minor bug fixed related to Banner Size
    • Bug Fix – Uncaught Error in category & product slider page
    • Enhancement – Made few enhancements for compatibility with WoodMart Theme.
    • Update – Compatible with WooCommerce 7.1.x
    • Update – Compatible with WordPress 6.1.x


    • Enhancement – Improvise Plugin layout and design
    • Enhancement – Improvise Category slider feature layout with a few advanced features. Like, Show live preview of category slider, Colors settings, Slider settings, etc.
    • Enhancement – Improvise Product slider feature layout with a few advanced features. Like, Show live preview of product slider, Slider column settings for different devices, Slider settings, etc.
    • Fixed – Tag specific banner upload button not working
    • Update – Compatible with WooCommerce 6.6.x
    • Update – Compatible with WordPress 6.0.x


    • Enhancement – Security patch
    • Update – Review block design
    • Update – Compatible with WooCommerce 6.3.x
    • Update – Compatible with WordPress 5.9.x


    • New – Add Product Slider on custom page template
    • New – Add Category Slider on custom page template
    • Update – Compatible with Loco Translate
    • Update – Compatible with WooCommerce 5.9.x
    • Update – Compatible with WordPress 5.8.x


    • New – Added Tag based banner
    • New – Added website other page banner
    • Fixed – Minor bug fixed
    • Compatible with WooCommerce 5.6.x
    • Compatible with WordPress 5.8.x


    • Compatible with WooCommerce 5.4.x
    • Compatible with WordPress 5.7.x


    • Fixed – Slider css conflict
    • Fixed – Minor bug fixed
    • Compatible with WooCommerce 5.3.x
    • Compatible with WordPress 5.7.x


    • New: Added banner link option to follow or nofollow
    • New: Added banner link target to self or new window
    • Compatible with WooCommerce 5.0.x
    • Compatible with WordPress 5.6.x


    • New: Allow short description, button and style on category banner
    • New: Allow banner for each product
    • New: Set global banner for product
    • New: Ability to resize the banner
    • Compatible with WooCommerce 4.9.x
    • Compatible with WordPress 5.6.x

    2.0.7 – 25-11-2020

    • Minor bug fixed

    2.0.6 – 20-11-2020

    • Maintenance Release

    2.0.5 – 06-05-2020

    • Compatible with WooCommerce 4.3.x
    • Compatible with WordPress 5.5.x
    • Fixed: Category page upload and remove buttons not working

    2.0.4 – 06-05-2020

    • Compatible with WooCommerce 4.1.x
    • Compatible with WordPress 5.4.x

    2.0.3 – 04-02-2020

    • Compatible with WooCommerce 3.9.x

    2.0.2 – 22-01-2020

    • Fix category image URL in front side
    • Change category banner image hook ‘woocommerce_before_shop_loop’ to ‘woocommerce_before_main_content’

    2.0.1 – 17-12-2018

    • Minor bug fixing in category admin page

    2.0 – 13-12-2018

    • Compatible with Freemius
    • VIP minimum
    • Minor bug fixing
    • Category banner image stored in term meta
    • Migration

    1.1.9 – 27.11.2019

    • Compatible with WordPress 5.3.x
    • Compatible with WooCommerce 3.8.x
    • Change category banner html structure
    • Change custom link

    1.1.8 – 20.09.2019

    • Maintenance Release

    1.1.7 – 28.05.2019

    • Compatible with WordPress Version 5.2.x and WooCommerce version 3.6.x

    1.1.6 – 26.03.2019

    • Minor bug fixing

    1.1.5 – 21.02.2019

    • Compatible with latest PHP version
    • Normal bug fixing
    • VIP compatible

    1.1.4 – 30.11.2018

    • Fix jquery issue

    1.1.3 – 27.08.2018

    • Normal Bug Fix

    1.1.2 – 19.06.2018

    • Normal Bug Fix

    1.1.1 – 29.05.2018

    • Normal Bug Fix

    1.1.0 – 23.02.2018

    • Subscription form added

    1.0.9 – 10.10.2017

    • Change Plugin UI.
    • Normal Bug Fix

    1.0.8 – 10.07.2017

    • Change banner position priority.
    • Normal Bug Fix
    • New: Plugin setting panel added

    1.0.7 – 18.04.2017

    • Change WooCommerce Hook
    • Normal Bug Fix

    1.0.6 – 17.04.2017

    • Compatible with WooCommerce Version 3.0.x
    • Normal Bug Fix

    1.0.5 – 08.03.2017

    • Enable Banner link on new tab option added.
    • Normal Bug Fix

    1.0.4 – 08.02.2017

    • Normal Bug Fix

    1.0.3 – 26.12.2016

    • Compatible with WordPress Version 4.7
    • Compatible with WooCommerce Version 2.6.11
    • Checkout Page Banner UI Fix.
    • Category Page Banner UI Update.

    1.0.2 – 30.08.2016

    • Check WordPress and WooCommerce compatibility

    1.0.1 – 8.08.2016

    • Fixes – Minor bug solved